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Hello! I’m so pleased you made it here! How would you like to be turning over 5 figure months in Spring 2021? You would? Great because it’s possible. I can help you reach that milestone. So, stick around if you wish to learn more.

We know social media works

If you’re reading this, my guess is you’re sick and tired of the guessing and stressing about how to launch and sell your products online? If you’re ready to cut through the crap and learn from a genuine someone, who’s already done all that stuff (with the grey hairs to prove it!) and understands exactly what you need to do succeed then I might be your cup of tea.

Hi, I’m Sally.

 I’m here to upgrade your business & help you position it centre stage


You have a product based business & know that social media offers a way to scale but don’t know where to start.

You’ve spent hours of your precious time trying different things online but the results are depressingly disappointing.


You’ve taken a load of expensive courses that promise easy results – but the experts abandon you when the going gets tough.

You’ve had some success with the digital tools but growth has stalled and you have no idea what to do next.


“Online Success = customised strategy + creative tactics + large dose of  ambition

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Scared?  Frustrated?  Confused?  Exhausted?  Alone?

I get it. I know exactly how you feel.  Because I’ve been there.  And guess what I discovered?  It’s true – nobody can hear you SCREAM in cyberspace!

I started in marketing almost 30 years ago.  And every one of those years it has become way more complicated.   New media, new tools, new technologies, new approaches, new regulations, new acronyms, new trends.  Every day has been the same – more change!

The whole time, if I’m honest with you, I’ve been on the very edge of my comfort zone…or one step outside of it.

But I’ve learnt a lot (mostly by trial and error).  And whatever emotions you’re experiencing right now, believe me, I’ve been there.

It seems like everyone was teaching a whole bunch of social media and email marketing tactics but failed to share the bigger picture. In other words where does it all fit into the great plan? Where does it start? What makes the difference and where is the tipping point? 

So I took control and trained as a social media manager to learn the ins and outs of the digital platforms so I could try this stuff myself. I stepped away from the tactics and replaced them with strategic models which ignited my soul because everything made sense.

Soon I began helping hundreds of clients transform their fledging businesses in an authentic way.

So, here’s the thing.

You could spend a lot of time (and money) learning from your own mistakes or from course creators who only teach tactics.  Or you could save yourself an age and a fortune learning from my client strategies.  I’ve helped hundreds of business owners become successful online – and I can do the same for you.

The Truth Bomb!

Here’s the thing. There are countless social media courses and content calendars available to choose from. I’m not knocking them, in fact some are awesome.

However there’re TWO pieces of the puzzle missing.

You cannot scale your brand without investing in either TIME or ADVERTISING. 

If you do your homework on course creators who claim to offer you overnight success, you will find it took them between 3 to 7 years. 

Digital success is a marathon. My role is to coach you through the entire process using strategies and tactics that will work for you.


Satisfied Members

Coaching calls

Cups Of Coffee

Supporting Product Based Entrepreneurs

I’ve been lucky to transition from corporate life to running my own show. I get how difficult it is to manage a product brand AND wake up each morning looking at my tired face in the mirror and wondering why I have this knot in my stomach when I should be gratefully enjoying this entrepreneurial journey.

But choosing between putting your energy into production, marketing, keeping the accounts updated or letting something slip so you can watch 30 minutes of  You Tube here and there about how to grow and scale leaves you feeling tired and helpless.

Sometimes it feels like hell.

I know you don’t have time to create systems or strategies and put them in place, so I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

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Follow me – avoiding the “scenic” route..

You’re not doing social media for fun.  You want results.  And fast.  Frustration and failure are not fun.  But guess what?  Once you’ve got me beside you, and it quickly starts to make sense, you’ll start to enjoy the ride!

I help you get a clear picture of where you are now, the destination you want to reach and the shortest route between the two.  Together we’ll create a roadmap to guide you through the social media landscape.  These are some of the things we’ll cover to make sure you don’t lose your way!

Inside the Circle..

Social Media is only part of the journey. I give you the personal support and training needed to grow your business online.

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Content Marketing Sorted

I’ve asked hundred’s of business owners what their biggest social media struggle is (you might have been one of them) and the answer by a countrymile is planning content.

This includes everything from where to start and what to post (staring at that blank screen) to what’s the best format, causes you a massive headache. One you can definitely do without.

I’ve created a planning system that is better than any painkiller and it’s yours inside the Circle.

Join me each month as I help you get your brand story and messaging straight for social, email and other content you produce. I’ve got it all covered right down to copy and paste (are the birds singing yet?)!

Content Calendar

We’ll bring these together to create a strategic content plan, by quarter, by week and by day.  The process will be painless and fun!

You’ll finally get the blueprint you’ve been looking for that you can copy and paste into your scheduler. Coming up with a regular pipeline of relevant, engaging, helpful and entertaining posts will become so much easier. 

You’ll never be short of inspiration and all your posts will be working together to build a consistent brand image and attract an ever-growing stream of customers.

content plan


Successfully Scale

Why it’s so important to be here and how best to make it part of your everyday business – including expert advice on using Facebook ads to successfully scale customer numbers and revenue.

The Power Of Email

Why email marketing is still such a powerful tool and one you cannot afford to ignore.  I’ll share a ton of tips and techniques as well as ways to automate your emails for maximum results with minimum effort.

Reach New Clients

Why it’s so popular and how you can tap into my knowledge & client experience to build your audience.  Then I’ll show you the steps you need to take in order to attract them to your online shop.


Boost Your Rankings

Why you need to understand the basics of SEO and simple steps you can take to boost your rankings and increase your chances of being found by the people looking for your kind of offering.

Get Found On Pinterest

Why this is an essential platform you need to include in your plan.  How to auto-integrate it into your business so it produces a steady stream of sales leads for very little effort.

Free Up Time

Where to find the time to market your business – because we understand there’s never enough hours in a day!  I provide the resources and training to make these tasks more manageable.

Real Life Experience..

I have the knowledge and experience to test strategies and tactics. My daily social media and advertising work means I know what works and what doesn’t.

My benchmarking techniques enable me to share learnings from the hundreds of campaigns I’ve run. These include, where to start, how much you should be investing in ads, what content to create and how long it will take you to  hit your goals and objectives.

  • Online selling
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook Ads

Strateguc Direction..

I’ll help you overcome whatever is holding you back.

Whether you are a nervous newcomer to social media, or you’ve been struggling with it a while and just run out of steam, the problem’s the same – inertia.  I’ll get you past GO (again?!) with a roadmap that breaks the journey down into manageable steps. 

Knowing exactly what you need to plan for, do, why, when and how is so much better than stumbling around in the dark, trying this, then that, without any clear strategy.

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Personal Coaching..

Translating theory into practice is much easier when you have one-to-one coaching.  So twice a year EVERY member is invited to a 1-1 coaching session with me. #unique #MASSIVE

It’s just you and me discussing the particular social media challenges and questions you have right now. 

I’ll share my knowledge, insights and experience of working on similar projects to tailor strategies and solutions that meet your unique needs. 

I’ll also give you valuable feedback on what you’ve done so far.  Apart from anything else these sessions will help you feel less alone!


Take a deep dive into the detail and get seriously smart at social.

Some of the courses I provide for members of the Social Media Circle give you a complete understanding of a topic. 

Other subjects may be more complex and here I’ll provide an entry level introduction followed by a more advanced and detailed session. 

These masterclasses cover everything from getting camera ready for video content to how best to leverage the unique capabilities of LinkedIn to build your B2B contacts.

  • The Social Media Profit Funnel
  • Instagram in 2020
  • Pinterest Masterclass
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Linkedin Mastercalss
  • SEO
  • Facebook Live
  • Marketing Planning
  • Influencer Marketing
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Live Q&As..

30 years of marketing knowledge and social media experience counts for something. I’ve walked the boards and done the time. I’ve succeeded, had my own share of frustrations and even screamed at the wall.

All of this rolls up into a world of wisdom. It’s yours to take. It’s mine to share. So, each week it’s your opportunity to ask your burning social media questions to Sally Social.

We also invite guest experts to join us in the live Q&A and I’m very excited about our line up for 2020.

Together we’ll create magic, money and memories

After 25 years of building and launching retail marketing and social media strategies for consumer goods and lifestyle brands, I’ve developed a proprietary 3-Step Method for transforming your business and brand into a social-ready communications strategy. 

Solid marketing strategy and business building acumen..

There’s plenty of fast-talking experts who can dazzle you with the latest tricks, techniques and hacks.  But they are a bit light on the less sexy stuff that needs to underpin it all.  Having trained in traditional marketing, built my own successful business, retrained as a professional social media manager, then became a fully fledged facebook ad and tech geek, I bring so much more to the party – a solid grounding in good business building practice that ensures you use the tools to maximum effect and that the results are long-lasting.


Strategy First

Then Tactics

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OK, I’m a self-confessed nerd that loves the nitty gritty stuff. 

But I’m also pretty user-friendly and have a way of explaining that makes sense to people who don’t know their apps from their algorithms!  And that includes demystifying the complex mystery surrounding Facebook Ads and why they’ve not been working for you and simply seem to suck money from your bank account!

If you want a fast-talking kid that loves showing off their tech smarts then I’m not for you. If you want someone who has real experience plus a direct line into Facebook itself (yes!), then I’m your gal.

Meet Some Of Our Members..

“I’VE LEARNT MORE IN THIS PROGRAMME THAN ANY OTHER PROGRAMME  SALLY SOCIAL knows her marketing I’ve due to her previous career in traditional marketing. I like that she is straight-forward, experienced, and can convey what she’s teaching effectively. Sally-Jay is knowledgable, approachable, and relatable.” In addition, the course material is presented in a systematic manner with detail and explanation that teaches immediately useful tactics and strategies without overwhelming.”

Kimberly Y

Kimberly's Cakes

ALREADY I’VE ATTRACTED OVER 1000 FOLLOWERS!  It was so easy! If you can’t handle your social media and you think you will always get stuck, this programme will help you. Step by step you will be learning what to do and how to manage your social media – and I’ve just had my best year ever!

Eliza J

Made By Jaga

YOU JUST MUST JOIN! Sally Social knows her stuff and teaches really clearly in a way that is very easy to understand. I went into the course feeling totally overwhelmed and lacking knowledge in the online marketing world and felt that it was all so competitive. How could I ever get anywhere? Now with what I’ve learnt I feel like I totally understand what I’m doing, probably even better than a lot of my competitors and I’m now confident to put myself out there fully which feels fantastic! A1!

Mel Sparkes

Psychic Medium

THIS PROGRAMME WILL OPEN YOUR EYES AND guide you step by step to understanding social media on a whole new level!

Nicola B

Dietician / Nutritionist

Your Investment..

From guesswork and doubt to know-how and confidence – for less than the cost of a latte a day.

There’re two ways you can join and only one way you can lose – by never finding out what you are missing!   If you try it but don’t like it I’ll refund in full.

Blended learning that covers all your needs..

A lot of social media courses use only one approach but my Social Media Circle combines the full range of methods – printed resources, video courses, live personal coaching, live workshops and live Q&A sessions.  It much a more rounded and complete offering – one that employs a range of learning styles to suit your particular needs and preferences.  You gain so much more and your experience is so much better.


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As soon as you make your first payment you will be sent your login details.   You can then immediately access the trainings and Facebook community.  The Social Media Circle is open 24/7 so you have total freedom to get what you need whenever you want.


Obviously I’d love it if all of our members stuck around forever – but having been a member of membership sites myself, I know that’s never going to happen.  So, if you do decide to cancel we’ll all miss you….but you can leave the circle with two clicks of your mouse.


Certainly!  It’ll give you fresh insights, fresh impetus and masterclasses in subjects where you need to gain more skills.  I’ll also give you some one-to-one coaching and being part of a community means you can pick the brains of other entrepreneurs who have probably already overcome some of the challenges you are struggling with.  Plus you’ll get a lot of encouragement – essential when you are pushing forward!


Yes!  You can ask questions and get advice, support and feedback any time from within our community.   We also run monthly live Q&A sessions where you can pre-submit your questions to me in advance or ask on the call.

On top of that I also provide a private coaching section where I give you personal support and feedback tailored to your individual needs and situation. This alone is worth more than the price of membership!


Yes, definitely!  You don’t need any prior knowledge of marketing or social media.  The training covers everything from the basics to more advanced skills.  And unlike many other courses we help you get your business strategy sorted and support you with a roadmap of what to do when – perfect if you are just taking your first steps.


Business owners who want to learn how to get the best possible results from social media.  Those businesses are pretty varied – many are artisan producers selling their products online but we also have coaches, therapists, consultants, trainers, professionals….all sorts!

© Sally Social Marketing 2020

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